Blogger Application

People You Should Know:

Event organizer: Titania Halasy

Blogger Manager: RikkeBa

What kind of bloggers are we seeking?

  1. Nicely done and tasteful pictures.
  2. Correct crediting of items and events SLurls
  3. NO autoplay music in your blog

What we expect from you: 

  1. You understand what The Countdown Room is about. If not, please read this first.
  2. Blog at least two items from the event each round, for the duration of that round (in other words, before the round ENDS). This can be in separate post or one post.
  3. The event’s items must be seen clearly in your pics (e.g if you’re going to use the Slink nails, please make sure it can be seen clearly in the picture and is not a minuscule thing in your whole look)
  4. Add your pic(s) to The Countdown Room Flickr group.
  5. Openness and candour: it’s ok if you can’t blog for a certain round, RL happens. But we’ll appreciate you giving us a heads up about it.
  6. We expect you to answer “what type of cookies, dearie?” for the last question on the form, just to make sure you have read all the above.


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