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The Countdown Room – May 2015

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Designers for May

Junbug || Faida || Black Tulip || Cubic Cherry Kreations || OXI || The Horror! || NeverWish || Kei’s Spot || Poliak Emporium || Velvet Whip || Belissima Shapes || Fantasy China || An Lema

The Lady of Shalott


Light in the Dark - Blog Post

faida - Aura

Kei's Slipper Tub - BoxedPIC




The Horror!~Moony Septum @ The Countdown Room

OXI Mia Mini

*NW* Black Ball Necklace

*NW* Silver Ball Necklace

Fantasy China Mesh Little Tree With Flowers bp

Fantasy China Mesh Little Tree BP

CS_Hear me Daddy

DIrty Hoe Captive Rack - Original Mesh!

Lily Stair Planters - Original Mesh

Ceuracule Floor Lamp

The Tyr's Stone Throne


The Countdown Room – November 2014 Catalog

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~*S.E.*~ Empire of Roses Crown

Moon Elf Advert

Wicked Peach _ Cosmetic Ad Moon Elf

The Horror!~ Yuki-Onna Garters

Mei Nu Clutches

*NW* Kris Necklace

Kei's Savories - BoxedPIC

Kei's Sweets - BoxedPIC




Visit The Countdown Room now!

Make Me Blush

Make Me Blush is the special themed round we’re having in January to properly celebrate the new year!

We’re accepting guest stores for this round! Max 50 stores and requirements are:

– must make original items (not based on templates)

– minimum 2 new items exclusively sold during the event for 30/50% off. They can be sold after the event at your store for a regular price.

– must be themed! All the kind of sexy/erotic/kinky are accepted

– we don’t charge any fee but we do require commitment. If you can’t do it, do not reserve!