Q. I am a designer, I retexture purchased templates. Can I participate?

A.: No, sorry, although we love many designers that buy and retexture or mix and match purchased full perm templates, this event is reserved to original content creators. We do organize other events where templates are welcomed, please ask us about them 😀

Q. I downloaded stuff from Renderosity/Daz/Turbosquid/Other website. I want to sell it at TCR! Can I?

A. No, sorry. It’s also against most of those websites’ TOS.

Q. I am an original content creator and I want to participate in this event. How much does it cost?

A. Nothing. As far as we know, we are currently the only event that doesn’t charge designers. We only ask for a precious groupslot and some commitment. You don’t have to participate in each montly round, but at least every 3 rounds. Fair enough?

Q. Why don’t you charge? Would you accept a donation?

A. We don’t charge because the land is kindly offered by Silk Worms so we do not need to pay for the it. We thank you but we do not accept donations as well 😀

Q. Can I sell my items in the form of gacha?

A. We strongly discourage this. In short, no. We are not against gachas but we heard so many designers complaining about being forced to do gacha events and gacha items. This event is designed to help you increase your store stock! You are encouraged to sell the items full price at your store after the event 😀

Q. What is the theme? Is there a theme?

A. Usually there’s no specific theme, we want you to feel free to make anything that inspires you (and you think it will sell!). Every now and then we will have special rounds. The next one is in April and it’s called “Seven Heavenly Virtues“.


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