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The Countdown Room: 7 Heavenly Virtues (11th April-18th April)

After sinning spectacularly last round, we repented for this round and redeemed ourselves with some er…heavenly creations.



*NW* Virtuous Wing

The Horror!~ Humility Septum


AD_Zen Mini Garden Set - 3 Styles

AD_Iron Kitty RLV male

AD_Iron Kitty RLV female

AD_Iron Kitty Basic

::OXI:: Chouette Necklace - Spring

::OXI:: Chouette Necklace - Metal

Essile dirt wish

Essile flowers

Poliak's Emporium - Patience Garden

Come Soon Poses - Saint 01

Come Soon Poses - Saint 02

Come Soon Poses - In The Name Of

Chastity Promo White

Fantasy China - 7 Virtue Roses in urs, p-3 bp

Fantasy China - 7 Virtue Roses in urs, p-1 bp

Fantasy China - 7 Virtue Roses in urs, p-2 bp


The Countdown Room: Make Me Blush previews!

A special edition of The Countdown Room will start 11th January, noon SLT. There are some NSFW fun to be had!

++TAXI to The Countdown Room!++

Since it is NSFW, steamy pics after the cut!

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